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"I have been in direct selling for 20+ years. Before John Di Lemme’s coaching, I simply did not know what I was doing. I was working really hard, but I was stuck and struggling. With Coach Di Lemme’s strategic mentorship, my business is up 5,000% and growing! PLUS I am more confident about myself and opening long-term, profitable, life-changing relationships every day."

Hallie Minich, Network Marketing, Ohio

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"With John Di Lemme’s Coaching, I’ve closed 106 sales in just 24 months. Prior to that I had only 4 sales in 17 months. My take away here is as I grow so does my business. I’m always working to revamp the how, when, and why. I want to ensure I provide top quality in all that I do. Thank you for your dedication to me and your other students."

Jeff Pryor, Direct Sales, New York

"Before I met John Di Lemme, I was frustrated with my direct sales business. I wasted thousands of dollars purchasing leads, and I made 40,000 calls in 18 months from the list with zero sales. Since I started coaching with John Di Lemme, I have qualified leads contacting me. No more cold calling! I am becoming more confident and increasing my self-belief as I am building my business."

Angie Outen, Direct Sales, North Carolina

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